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I started this blog to share my experience with programming in C++ I gathered over the years, working as a programmer. I hope that someone might find this knowledge useful. The posts will be written in English (en_US) and in Portuguese (PT-BR).

I’ve decided for written some posts in English for a simple reason: this blog will be mainly about programming, Linux, web, C++,  algorithms and other nerd things. So,  I think that the posts in English can reach a wider audience and thus share information with more people around the world and not only from Brazil. But, It’s important to remember that I don’t have any problems with comments in Portuguese or in English.

P.S.: I’d like to upfront apologize for any violence against the English language.  E-mails or comments with corrections will be welcome.

P.S2: And yes, I have many problems with comments written in Dutch or Japanese or other languages. 😛